Sega Rally Championship 2






1-2 (1-4 online gaming)

TV System: 

Japan / NTSC


DC Wheel



Sega Rally 2 D.C one of the most contraversial games to hit a home system in years, it has such a reputation to live up to being compared to it's arcade predessor on Model 3.2 ( the most powerful arcade board bar none ) long before the first screens had been shown to the the gaming public.So what's the verdict? is it arcade perfect? . Can Dreamcast out perform Model3? ,the answer yes & no.


The look of the game cannot be faulted on a standard T.V beautiful is the only word to express the look of the game, fat, heavy, solid looking textures, car's that look like what they are, decorated in textures maps so clear you can almost read them as you pass by with rounded panels, moving suspension, weight, it really is a stunning game to look at, and takes some getting used to. Pop up will only be noticed if your looking for it, but is unnoticeble during play . I bought the game on the 29/1/99 & could only stare at it for the 1st day of ownership, stunning!

The sound

In the game the sound is a standard mix with good engine sounds complemented with the ambient sound of gravel, snow, tarmac or water under wheels, the odd helicopter flying by & the humb of cars you've just passed & crowds who express glee when you pull off a particular cool handbrake turn. The music fits the game ( some remixes of the original rally themes )but can be turned down/off to taste. The only downer in the sound is the co-drivers voice which I found a bit scratchy through my centre speaker ( I have a surround sound set-up ) when turned up, but it can be turned down/off to taste so it's not such a great issue .All in all the sound is solid and bassy ( for the arcade experience sit on your sub-woofer if you have one oh er missus ! )


Well this is were it get's all contraversial. The game is fast to the point of making the arcade machine feel slow the controls are accurate once the car fitting your style is found but, it's not a big but mind, the frame rate does drop in certain areas on certain courses.This has been the main critic of folks looking for something to critasize but, and this is the wierd part the more you play the less it affects the game, almost adding to the game experience. I'll explain, when you consider your in a powerful car throwing it around uneven surfaces you would'nt expect a smooth ride so you adapt to the frame drop & it becomes a non issue, it's hard to explain clearly but the gameplay is superb & is totally unaffected by the frame drop.

All in all this is a superb piece of software & will make an excellent launch title, an absouloute killer if Sega tidy it up a little putting it beyond critisism. If you can, get this game. You've never seen anything like it before in the home & it shames every other racing game in the arcade for graphices & feel bar Segas own Model 3 originals.If your considering importing but arn't sure because of other reviews trust me buy in confidence knowing you will have one of the greatest games written in your house on your T.V.

Review By: Thompson

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