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First I would like to say i thought Zelda was the best game i played.......but when i played Sonic on the dreamcast i was shocked out of my mind.firsti was impressed by the Graphics on how High the texture resolution was.secondhow fast the damn game is the game is. Its so fast i think the game mustrunat least at 60 frames per second with no slow down .The game play is justlikea sonic game easy to get into and its so fun to play. now to put lightlysorry nintendo this game kills zelda !!!! Easily don't get me wrong butZelda is cool but you play this game and you see that the dreamcast is noJoke !with that said let me start my review.


Eggman has Created a monster of all out of all the Chaos emeralds calledChaos. Eggman try's to take over Sonic's city with Chaos. That's where youcomein . the police try's to kill Chaos and they cant because he is made of wateryoustart the game here with the choice of only sonic(at this time)you beat himand Chaos escapes through the sewers with eggman watching from above.Thenthescene changes to sonic Chilling on the beach side on the pool deck whenhe issee tails crash on the beach That's where the first stage begins to savefromyour friend.Chaos gets stronger by the Chaos emeralds you get and eggmanstealing it from sonic and knuckles.

Graphics 10/10

The game impressed by the graphics big time maybe it because I am used psxand 64 but the dreamcast is no joke and this one the first games on thedreamcast magine a year from now.

Sound 8/10

Well the game has good sound effects and music but compared to sonic cd andsonic 3 and knuckles should have been better but its not that bad but thejapanese sonic cd has some the best videogames music ever. So i wasexpecting that well.

Gameplay 9/10

Typical sonic controls but the game is like an action rpg sort of leaningmore to action sonic and his friends find power ups through out the world likesuper sonic light dash and the old stuff like super shoes the shield Etc.The game is real fun to play and crazy to watch.

Challenge 10/10

The game is not hard but because there are six characters in the game eachhas there own quest but first you play as sonic and you will start to meetevery body like Tails, Knuckles, Amy rose ,Big the cat , E 102 the robot. Eachhas there own Quest That's ties in to the game and all meet up at the end, plusyou need vms to play Chaos race. and train your friends to race when you findthem in the worlds.I think its an animal training system plus if you don't have avms you cant save.

Overall 10/10

This game is fun to play and watch and i was very impressed when i playedit. I haven't felt like that since i played simon's quest on the nes . That's along time ago.To put bluntly the dreamcast is powerful and we aint seen nothingyet!!!

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