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VMU, Jump Pack




In order to truly enjoy Wild Metal one has to understand right from the moment they boot the game up, that this is strictly an action game. This is not some drawn out simulation, what you have here is a pretty sturdy shooter with some tank elements thrown in for good measure. The story, which is your usual machines turn against their creators plot, really has nothing to do with the game other than to provide you with a reason to shoot at other tanks. Oddly though its the games simple concept that gives it a strange addictive quality thats hard to shake.


The title of the games first arena "DUNES" is a pretty good description of what you will be seeing through most of the game...lots and lots of hills and valleys and not much else. The arenas get the job done by providing the players ample coverage to plot their attacks strategies while still maintaining the simplicity factor. However some players may be turned of by this lack of detail. The tanks in the game are well rendered as are many of the games explosions with large chunks of debris raining down in flames. There is the odd instance of slow down here and there as well as some bland textures but its nothing that can't be overlooked.


The game flounders quite a bit in the sound department. The game lacks a music score and only the most rudimentary sound effects are used for cannon fire and explosions. I was hoping for some real speaker shattering sounds but instead got some dull thuds and a few engine purrs.

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