World Series Baseball 2k.1







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VMU, Jump Pack




Little was known about this game when it was initially announced last winter. All we knew was it was being developed in Japan by some of the same team that brought forward the excellent World Series Baseball on Saturn. We were also blasted with a lot of promises from Sega, "If they can do it on the diamond, you can do it in this game". Unfortunately, WSB2K1 has missed the mark by a long shot.


Without a doubt, the design of the ballparks is quite impressive. Most of the minute details are present giving a very "real" feeling to the visuals. The player models are average and are pale in comparison to NBA2K. They move like robots and their limb movements are sloppy. Their faces look pretty good but most of the time you are not close enough to tell who they are.

Player action sequences are a mixed bag. Some animations are smooth and life-like while others are robotic and go back to the times before EA's Triple Play series.


The sound design is outright crappy. The crowd background noise is very generic and is just that, noise. The umpire sounds the same in all of his calls and the sound effects are basic fare. Perhaps the biggest disappointment has to be the play-by-play. The single announcer is robotic, does not follow the action and is repetitive only after a couple of innings of play. Disgusting crap considering the care that was taken for NFL2K and NBA2K. Even the debateable quality of the commentary in NHL2K makes WSB2K1 look like a Genesis title.

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