Phantasy Star II







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Graphics: 8.0
The graphics are some what bland in this squeal, but the monsters look and animate great. The lack of backgrounds in the battle scenes makes the fights look weaker than they should, but the great animation of your players using their weapons, and the enemies striking back almost makes up for it. There's some nice parallax in many of the dungeons, VERY smooth. Its too bad that 3-D dungeons were dumped after the first game though.

Sound: 8.0
There are some cool songs in this game, but the quality is somewhat lacking in many of them. The town music is very up beat, and the later dungeons sound down right depressing :) Effects are functional, with some nice sounds for a few of the magic spells.

Gameplay: 9.0
Again, this is the area that is strongest. There are TONS of items with effects,many more spells than the first game, many, HUGE dungeons, and a technically great combat system. The story takes many turns, but I feel it should have been better.

Overall: 8.5
I didn't like it as much as the original, but its still a good game. The graphics and sound support just wasn't quite what it should have been, but they aren't bad. If you've never played this before, I would definitely advise you to at least try it and get into it. I'd also recommend that you play the original first, as there are some subtle story connections that make it more enjoyable that way.

Review By: Ellum

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