Phantasy Star III







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Graphics: 8.5
Graphics are better than in PS2, but they're quite a bit darker. The characters are drawn in a much different style than any of the other Phantasy Star games, as are the backgrounds. There's not as much parallax in this game either, but the level of detail in the graphics is definitely higher.

Sound: 9.0
This game has some truly great music. There are so many good songs it, that is surprising. The only problem musically is the battle songs, which change about every 2 seconds, and 3 of the 5 of them are just awful. But the overworld music when you have the complete party is awesome, as are the songs at Sky haven, and Laya's world.

Gameplay: 9.0
Though most consider this the worst Phantasy Star, I just can't agree. The gameplay is exceptional, and the story, though truly a side story to the main Phantasy Star storyline, is good in its own right. The battle themselves I found to be more intense than PS 1 or 2, as you can get attacked by more enemies, but its sorted out nicely. I'd have given the gameplay an even higher score if each character was able to carry more items. The many different endings and character possibilities add a replay value most other RPGs don't have.

Overall: 9.0
Even though the story is more of a spin off, I like this game better than PS 2.I still prefer 1, but I've played through this game more than almost any other RPG, to try and get every character and see every ending. I think that this game should be given a chance, and shouldn't be as harshly judged as it has been.

Review By: Ellum

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