Phantasy Star IV







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Graphics: 9.0
The best graphics in the series, its a return to the anime style of PS 1 and 2, along with numerous very cool cut scenes. The graphics are more colourful than the other PS games, and there are more different types of scenery. The battles are a return to the PS2 style, but with backgrounds this time. Spells look good too.

Sound: 9.0
Lots of good music, mixed with some very drab music. For the most part the compositions good on many of the songs, and some are pretty memorable (I've made several midis from this game). Sound effects are no big deal as usual.

Gameplay: 9.5
Best playing game in the series as well. From the macros, to the combination techniques and various links to the past games of the series, this one has it all. Its amazingly addicting once you get started, and is the easiest of the PS games to begin, doesn't require alot of levelling up at the outset. In my opinion, this is one of the best playing RPGs ever made (Behind Lunar 2 and FF2).

Overall: 9.5
One of the best playing RPG's around. Easily the best RPG you could get on a stand alone Genesis. Everything was done very well in this squeal, from the graphics, to the sound, to the gameplay and story, no elements are disappointing, the only thing is, to get the most enjoyment from it, you should play PS 1 through 3 :)

Review By: Ellum

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