Revolutionary. Not many games can get this rating, every game that earns the 5-star Award is an instant classic. A game that's truly significant in both content and designs, and one that we'd recommend without reservation to anyone interested in this game's genre. This one ranks with the most enjoyable and rewarding games in existence.

Excellent. Every game that earns the 4-star Award is a high quality and inventive new game. A game that narrowly misses the 5-star award due to a few slightly design flaws. This game is Definitely worth your money.

Good. These are pretty good games, which we would recommend to fans of this genre although it may not make any significant advances over its rivals. Good stuff, but not a world-beater.

Average. Very ordinary games, despite an original concept or a technically impressive presentation , these games really aren't much entertainment. You should really think about it before your going to buy it.

Awful. Definitaly not worth the look. These games are crucially flawed in concept and design.
Simple take our word and avoid these titles at all costs.