Assault Suit Leynos 2







TV System: 

Japan / NTSC




2D Action / Platform

I saw this game and thought it sucked. When i played at my house i thought something else. This game is target earth 2 . Its a hardcore action game for people who like contra and target earth.

1-10 rating scale

The game has good graphics but nothing spectacular. But if you like these type of graphics (2-d)with multi layers scrolls,good animation and mech you will be in heaven.

The game has action game music but i like this type of music it puts you in a shooting mood and the weapons efx sound real too that's a plus.

Gameplay: 9.5
This where the game comes out hard. it gives tons of options. the more you advance in a level (by getting a certain grade in each stage) you ll get new mechs the better the mech the more weapons you can have. This game has over then 50 different kind of guns. Also you get to customise the mechs to your liking. Plus the game puts you different missions. You have friends that help you through out the game to help complete your mission.its target earth on some bane steroids.

Overall: 9.0
I like this game alot but it kinda short not that short but could have been longer. The thing i think the asl2 has more stages but i don't know how your supposed beat the game the right way. I recommend this game because it is one of the best action games on the saturn. It sad that alot of game company are moving away from this types of game and only making fighters and rpgs. It is a quality game. Highly Recommended!

P.S If any one knows how the get the real ending please let me know By e- mailing me Thanks

Review By: Gino Costantini