Hudson Soft





TV System: 

Japan / NTSC


6-Player Adapter


Multi-Player / Action

Graphics rating: 7
The graphics are nothing really to be proud of, they do look nice, but are not extremely beautiful. Although the game does have some funny ingame graphics.

Sound rating: 7.5
Decent sound effects and a nice tune during the game. Although the music can start to irritate you after you heart if for about 50 times or so. The bombs make a nice boom sound though.

Playability rating: 9.5
Almost as good as it gets!! The minute you pick up this game it plays like you've played it for years. The single player game is easy in the beginning and gets harder by every level you play. And the multiplayer game can give you unlimited fun.

Lastability rating: 10
DaBomb!! This is one of those games that you can just play forever in multiplayer game. Even if you only got 1 friend to play with, it's loads of fun, but when you have 2 multiplayer tabs, and 10 friends (who can all bring their own joypad) then this game proves that it's the best multiplayer game around.

Overal rating: 9.0
This is a game that everyone should own. I never played it but when I bough it I never thought it would be this much fun!! I won't be putting this game down for a long time. BUY THIS NOW!! It's pretty cheap too :o)

Review By: Arjan van Rossen

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