Bomberman: Fight!


Hudson Soft


Hudson Soft



TV System: 

Japan / NTSC


6-Player Adapter


Multi-Player / Action

Saturn Bomberman Fight by Hudson is a great 3D game even though it is a break from the classic 2D Bomberman series. While there is Bomberman 64, Saturn Bomberman Fight is a more great conversion of classic 2D gameplay to a 3D game. With the original feel and play kept intact, the game is still as great as the 2D series. In Bomberman Fight, you are against one or two computer opponents at a time on a variety of nice different flat and hilly isometric-perspective maps, which have lesser obstacles as before to blow up. Your main aim is to still kill (BOMB)your enemies while fighting for your own survival. Unlike before, a single blast will not wipe you or your opponents out. In fact, it might take quite a few as you and the enemies now have a life bar which is visible on the top of the screen. This life bar shows you how much more damage you can take. You now have eg. the ability to jump and drop many bombs at a time. The bombs are more explosive now, exploding in four directions(if possible) to a great length. Also one of the best features for this 3D game is the ability to ride on a shape like horse, which will protect u from bomb damage. This feature also allows for CHEAP gameplay. As you go further in the game, there will be more enemies and also new powerups. The most disappointing the multiplayer mode. While the multiplayer gameplay of Saturn Bomberman Fight isn't nearly as entertaining as the classic 2D series, it's still a great approach, at least in 3D!

Review By: Kim