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Daytona USA CCE is actually not daytona 2, this is some information for people who might of thought that.

Import version: This review is for the imported version of Daytona CCE, altough I do not have much information about the Japanese version of the game, so this info might be incorrect. Please DO contact your supplyer to check if I am correct...if you do want to buy this game.

Graphics rating: 7
Although it did not get a big upgrade from the original daytona, the clipping has become much less, the framerate has been boosted and in the Japanese version you can drive both in day and night scenery. There are 2 new tracks, but I would stick with the original ones. I do not like the new tracks. Personal opion though.

Sounds rating: 6
I liked the original Rooooooooooling start tune a lot better then the new one. About the other tracks, well the music with the 2 other original tracks are pretty much of decent quality, but the rest of the music is just bad, expect one tune, but that isn't a race music. SFX is the same quality as the original. Although the commentator has this anoying piece of text he keeps repeating over and over....very frustrating.

Playabilty rating: 3
Damn, they actually destroyed the exelent drafting you could do with the original daytona. The controles just suck, sorry, got no other word for it.

Lastabilty rating: 6
Well, 2 new tracks and a couple of new cars with just diffrent colours and a little diffrend in handeling, it just won't cut it, when you do have the original daytona, then you might really wanna concider not buying this... even if you are a big fan of the game....wait for the new sega machine and then buy daytona 2 on that.... A well worth feature though is the 2 player game which gave me more fun then the whole game itself did, although I like the 2 player racing in sega rally better.

Overal rating: 6
No, this is just not worth your money, even if you do not own the original daytona, then buy another decent racing game like the exelent sega rally or wipeout 2097. Or try to get the original daytona 2 cheap. The only good thing is the 2 player option.

Review By: Arjan van Rossen

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