Deep Fear







TV System: 

Europe / PAL




Action / Adventure

Note: I wrote this review after playing 80 - 90% of the game. If the game should change a lot in the last 10 - 20%, then this is not in this review...

The story:
The story is actually very interesting. While the seafox is refuelling, it suddenly starts to get out of control and crashes into Big table. Seafox is a submarine and bigtable is a huge underwater living and working place that is being used for the navy and some other organisations. The reason of the seafox suddenly acting up could be because of a UFO sighting which was crashing into the sea a little bit before the seafox accident.

When you visit the seafox, you'll notice that most of the people on board are dead and that the guys that are still living are morphing into creatures. All this because of a virus.

The graphics:
I have some mixed feelings about the graphics, all the backgrounds look excellent and the FMV parts are absolutely stunning, the only thing that lets it down are the graphics of the player and all the other charters that you get to talk to.

The music and SFX:
There are some cool tunes in Deep fear, like when you fight one of the "sub-bosses" you will get this excellent mood setting music. Sound effects are good most of the time, most of it however is just creatures crawling around and you hear either their feet or something else going over the floor or roof. The acting (voices of the player and other on-board people) is however VERY bad in the beginning of the game. So bad you would not even see this in a c-movie. But I have to admit that after a while they clear up and sound more realistic.

How does it play?:
The point of the game is that something happens and you get either send to search for something, or to fix something. Since big table is huge, and you also have the attached navy area and the seafox still being there, you will have to search really hard in the beginning how to get to certain areas. There is also a limited supply of air on the base since the seafox crashed into the airtanks.


8.5 / 10 - Good backgrounds and FMV, some improvements could be made on the players and enemies.


9.5 / 10 - Everything fits together from the horror music to the dying of the creatures.


8 / 10 - Well, it plays like resident evil except that you are more restricted.


8.2 / 10 - Once you finish this HUGE game, you'll probably want to sell it and buy something else.


8.9 / 10 - A ride of a lifetime, although you will most likely only make it once, still a great game.

Review By: Arjan van Rossen