Duke Nukem 3D







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Europe / PAL


Analogue Controller


3D Corridor / Shoot'em up

I know this game is out since December but since I've been so busy over the Christmas, I didn't get a chance to do the review. And for anyone who is still unsure whether or not to get this, I'm here to reassure you. One of Sega's big games this Christmas along with the likes of Quake, Sonic R, Enemy Zero, Last Bronx and Sega Touring Car, they managed to get the Saturn version before the N64 and Playstation versions. And guess what? It's superior to both titles!

The graphics in Duke are unbelievable. There identical to the PC version! Well you can't tell them apart unless you had them right beside one another and you'd need a very good PC to see a better version. The amount of effort and detail put into each and every one of the levels in unbelievable and thankfully just about every little bit is included in the Saturn version! The graphics are fantastic, detailed levels which move around so quickly and smoothly (unlike the Psx version) plus the brilliant new lighting affects make this the best looking console corridor game!

Every level from the PC version is here plus 2 exclusive Saturn levels! And the fact that there is so much to do and so much variety in each level will make you come back again and again. You can't pick which episode you want to start from in the beginning, but it is good because for people who have not played Duke before will be dying to see some of the later stages. Everything is here as well, including the dancers, gore, blood and Duke's brilliant one liners such as "What are you waiting for? Christmas?", "Holy poo poo", "I'm gonna rip your neck off and shit down your ass!", and some funny double meaning phrases such as "Don't have time to play with myself" when he's beside a Duke Nukem arcade game!

The music is exactly the same as the PC version, which is very good (The Playstation version has some annoying remixed dance music) and you won't get sick of it. The sound affects are great and there even better now with the new lighting affects thrown in just to show that the Saturn is great at 3D affects in the hands of the right people.

Bonus Game
Owners of Lobotomy's last corridor game "Exhumed" (which is a must have and you can pick it up for less then 20 quid!) will remember you had to find all 23 team dolls but after the torture they gave you nothing! Worse still the American version was rewarded with a free hidden multiplayer game called Death Tank. Fortunately this hidden game is included in Duke Nukem once you fully complete it but if you can't all you have to is have Saturn Quake saved onto the Saturn's memory and it'll be there at the title screen! Many of you may think it's just a little gimmicky game but it certainly is not! The game's graphics are very basic and have a Worm's type resemblance but the game is simply unbeatable in 6 player mode!

Now to the bad bits. For people living over in Europe like myself will not be able to experience the multiplayer mode. If you live in America or Japan you can hook up with the Netlink and blast your friends away. But it's not that much of a problem as Duke is best in 1 player anyway. And finally the Playstation version has the Plutonium levels as well as the originals. I don't know why they didn't include it in the Saturn version, probably because of the rush to have this out for Christmas but it is a pity.

If you do not own the PC version this game it is simply a must have. The graphics, music, levels, humour and Lobotomy's wacky bonus game are all brilliant. And it is the best console version as well. The Playstation version suffers because of it's awful graphics and slowdown making it nearly unplayable and the N64 has all the sexy bits and bad language thrown out, as well as having it changed around so much it's not as good as the original. Go out and buy this game and prepare to be entertained for the next few months!

Review By: Matthew Langan