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Adventure / Horror

Warp takes an already decent format from "D" and makes it better. Instead of just a full motion video mystery solver, they decided to throw in both 3D exploration and full motion video. How does this addition all add up?

Story: You are Laura Lewis that was sent on a mission covered up by all except one crew member. While on the expidition there are attacks of invisible creatures that are destroying the crew. You have only your trusty ear piece that lets you sence out these foes and your gun that can destroy them. Lets not forget your brain which is needed to get through the various scenarios involved. Can it be handeled? Can peace be restored from the craft AKI? Only you can help.....

Graphics: The graphics to this game are very well done. The video format is very clear, but also pretty small. The 3D format is done well also. The light sourcing is done to extreme ( maybe a little to extreme for you can't see very far away ) and works well for the mood involved in the game. The only downside to the graphics is that they are not done by full screen, but rather in a small window. ( Very understandable for the game needs to be in tight compression. Its in four disks.)

Sound: The sound is that of a horror flic. It puts you in the mood and can send your heart pumpping. Here is how the sound system works. You can tell where the enemy is by the tone and speed of beeps. The closer the enemy is, the faster the beeps. The tone will change pitch if he is behind, in front, or beside you.( The enemy is invisible) This alone will scare you shitless! Now what Warp did was, while you are searching, the music is low until somthing important happens. The music of Michael Nyman ("The Piano") is then heard and is in a very scary theme. The sound to this game is the key feature!

Gameplay: The beginning of this game starts off really boring at first. You are hyped up to fight the enemy's, but then realize you may not go that far for an hour to two hours. In the video mode, you search for items that will be needed to progress farther in the game. In the 3D mode you fight the enemy's and search where to go next. Let me do say that you do some pretty nasty things in this game that are unheard of, but vere cool and interesting!!

Final Note: People may have you believe that Resident Evil is the most scary game made. I think Capcom payed them to say that because this game is like a horror movie. When you battle you first enemy, your heart will be pumping and I mean pumping like it has never been pumped before. If that first enemy is too much, wait until about three of them are in the same room!! Go ahead, buy this game, turn off the light, crank the volume, and enjoy a ride of pleasurable Hell!!









Review By: Chris Vantu

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