King of Fighter '97







TV System: 

Japan / NTSC


Requires 1MB or 4MB RAM cartridge


2D Beat'em up

Well, I imported KOF '97 as soon as I could - how is it??? COOL - What else can be said.... Of course there is loading time - as with all of their titles it does take a bit. It would have been nice to have the english option like Samurai Shodown.

Graphics: 9
I have a problem only with the picturewindow for the characters (by the life bar) and in the high score screens - I know I'm being picky. The overall look of the characters have improved - their moves flow nicely.

Sound: 8
I would have liked new music - between this and Fatal Fury Real Bout Special - using some of the FFury music - well, I like it alright, but new music would have been better, but it was the arcade music too so... The sound in general is great - no prob there. I do have to turn my sound system UP to hear the stuff though (compared to other games???) I rank it an 8 because I seemed more impressed by KOF '96 music (I don't actually own it).

Gameplay: 9
Overall - great everything works - I don't like how BLUE MARY is powered down - I'm sure I just need to practice though, but she is a handicap to play in this almost - with the general lack of attacks. The balance of characters seems pretty decent though.

Animation: 10
They did well on animating the characters so that is why I add this - they seem to have more animation than Fatal Fury - in some respects.

Overall: 9
It is a great game - the main things I was let down with were minor - one of which were the endings - which - well, if you don't know how to read Japanese there really isn't much to see for endings - although there seem to be some options which open when you beat the game - so that's cool - and there is an "artbook" in the game - those are always nice.... anyhow it is a well-done game; if you enjoyed it in the arcade, it should be just as good - I never got much chance to play in the arcade, but this looks like a great translation.

Review By: Kenshin

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