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3D Beat'em up

Last Bronx is a weapon based fighter from Sega that delivers the excitement of pounding someone with true to life martial arts weapons. The graphics in the game are done in the hi-res style of VF2, it makes for cleaner, less grainy characters but sacrifices any type of lighting effects.(AAWWW...big deal, I like sharper characters anyway.) The backgrounds are in 2D and are very vivid at times. They range from subway platforms to parking garages to (my favourite) the roof of a building. The gameplay is fast at 60fps, the clipping is minimal, and the weapons are animated with cool looking tracers to give the illusion of extreme speed. The addition of 3d movement in the enclosed arenas would have made this game way cooler, but since Sega decided not to include it Fighters Megamix remains the king of Sega fighters until VF3.

The characters move with almost life-like motion and have a whole slew of moves to go with them. Last Bronx however, is not the most sweet smelling of Sega's fighters. Novice players may find the AI down right unfair at times and even expert players will at times find themselves getting off the ground constantly. Players will quickly find that button mashing can sometimes lead to glorious victory, unless the AI is set on Arcade. The learning curve on this game will annoy some and simply challenge others to struggle on. Fortunately a practice mode and aerial combo practice mode have been included in the home game to help you learn to bash the competition. The game does have good replay value with a VS mode, Arcade mode, Saturn mode (the only way to unlock the movies), Time Attack, and Survival mode to keep the fun and senseless violence going.

There are also a number of easter eggs hidden in the game for those who enjoy secrets. With eight standard and one secret character Last Bronx is a good investment for the hardcore gamer and avid collector of Sega fighter's. The average or casual gamer might just want to hold out for Dead or Alive.

Review By: Aaron Benoliel

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