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3D Shoot'em up

Mass Destruction is a top down, 3/4 view, tank style shooter. Imagine "Return Fire" with better graphics and you'll get Mass Destruction. Now, I bought my copy of this game at my local Walmart (during what may be called the great Saturn sell-off '98) for only $9.99, so, I'm gonna add a section in my review: "For the Price".

Quite possibly the best non-import shooter for the Saturn. Everything is polygonal, and most everything is blow-up-able. There are three tanks to choose from, ranging from slow but strong armour to fast but weak armour. I experienced virtually no slow down no matter how much explosions were happening or enemies on screen. You will be surprised. I'll rate graphics a solid 9 out of 10. The only draw back being the 3/4 view were you can't see behind or under certain objects.

This is a subject I certainly don't seem to notice, unless it's really bad. All I can say that everything seems to be in order here except for only having two death cries for the soldiers and in some of the cut scenes the sound clips out entirely. I'll rate sound a 8.

As in most shooters, once you beat the game it kinda looses it's magic. I can say that I've tried to beat the game and for some reason there are a couple of levels left over I can't get into. I'm not sure if I have to go back and beat certain levels by the par time or just get a 100% kill factor on everything or just try again on the hardest level setting. I have gotten the end of game cut scene and the credit roll so I think I can safely say I beat the game. In hind sight, I have absolutely no complaints about the game except that they should've incorporated some sort of transparency effect when you go behind or under structures and I would have rather had the shoulder buttons steer the tank instead of rotate the turret. If you are in the market for a shooter I absolutely recommend this game. Overall I rate the game an easy 8.

I just told you in the first graph that I bought the game for only $9.99 at Walmart! Hurry up and go find one before they're all gone! It's definitely worth it. Thank me later.

Review By: David DeGraffenreid

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