NiGHTS into Dreams


Sonic Team





TV System: 

Europe / PAL


Analogue Controller


3D Adventure / Action

There's only one word for this game: original.

This has got to be the most weird but original game I've ever seen. There is nothing like it about. NiGHTS was the first game to use the analogue pad and came with it. Although I find you don't need the analogue pad, it would help more if you did. But truly, you will not find a game like it around.

First of all, the Wizeman has set two children, Claris and Elliot, in a confusing dream land, and plans to steal their dream energy. Although these two are at first a bit crap at whatever they're supposed to have done, the dream builds them up with new courage and they decide to help out. The main aim of the game is to collect 20 gems as you go around with NiGHTS, then store them in the Ideya Capture and overload it. This releases an energy ball which you have to return to the place where NiGHTS started from. At the end of each level you face a boss, all of which provide a reasonably hard fight.

The graphics are just brilliant. Each level uses different graphical effects and true transparencies. For instance, the Soft Museum's floor is very bouncy and bends inwards when you fly over it! The backgrounds are all very interesting too, especially at the boss stages. The levels are set out very intriguingly, such as stick canyon which has a moving train running around on a track.

There are 3 levels for each of the characters and then you go to Twin Seeds Tower, where one of the actual characters that free NiGHTS (Elliot or Claris) flies themselves and has to free NiGHTS from a large bubble. Once they do this, NiGHTS has to destroy Wizeman and save them all. There is nothing else like this and it is a very enjoyable experience.

The 2-player mode in this is brilliant. NiGHTS takes on one of the bosses, Reala, in a head to head battle where you must fly in a circle round the other character. This is very different to any 2-player game I've seen and is very enjoyable.

The songs are very bouncy and fun to listen to, and fit in exactly with the game. The only disappointment is when you complete it, because Sonic Team appear to have taken two kids who can't sing to save their lives and made them sing a reasonably bad song. It isn't that bad, but the worst music in the game.

You don't really need options in this game, and there are only things like the game data and wide/normal screen. This doesn't really matter at all as you don't need options for this sort of thing.











You just have to but this game. The good thing about this game is, rather than complete it, it is more fun to get high scores. This adds a new dimension to the game. It is also the most original game you can ever hope to play, as well as one of the best. If you haven't got this game in your collection, you haven't even started collecting yet.

Review By: Joel Stanier

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