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3D Corridor / Shoot'em up

Again apologies I couldn't get the review done earlier because I was so busy. This is Sega's big big game along with Sonic R and the game there staking an awful lot on, the game (including original Quake developers id) said "it couldn't be done on the Saturn" is here. Lobotomy have proved them all wrong and deserve praise for not only making this game possible but doing such a good job with it! The Saturn is truly pushed to the limits in this conversion!

The graphics is brilliant and nearly spot on. What I mean by that is that when I saw preview versions of the game they were identical but unfortunately, Lobotomy had to tone them down to keep up the speed. The graphics are still brill though and it does not in anyway stop this from being one of the best corridor games ever! Ok the game isn't quite as polished but it is certainly very impressive and with the new lighting affects you'll be blown away! It really is amazing.

Some of the scenery does look at bit samey but the cunning level design never gives you time to worry about it. You tend to be more worried with what the game is setting you up with next. There are so many situations where I thought to myself, what's around the next corner? The level design and the way the monsters attack make this a truly scary game to play with monsters such as Enforcers, Zombies, Shamblers, Scrags and Fiends all trying to make you die the goriest way possible! It's like Resident Evil meets Doom. It's simply that good. Turn off those lights, blaze up the volume and your in for the scare of your life!

Again like Duke, exactly the same as the original which is great because it really does make you tense and with all those demons lurking in the shadows waiting for you, you'll never be able to relax! The sound affects are great and the growls from the monsters lurking in the corners have you nervously looking around to see where they are!

Bonus Game
If you own Duke Nukem 3D, and want to play a brill multiplayer hidden bonus game (See Duke 3d Review) the easy way, save Quake onto the Saturn's memory and put in Duke to play it. If you are buying Quake but do not want to buy Duke Nukem 3D, rent it out as this 6 player game (Death Tank) is excellent.

There are some changes to Quake, some for the good and some for the bad. Let's start off with the bad. Again like Duke there is no multiplayer option but it is a bit worse this time as Quake was really intended for multiplayer battles. Nevertheless there is lots of puzzles in there for you to solve and a new system where enemies transport in after some have been disposed off. (This was originally done because the Saturn couldn't handle all of the enemies at once, but the system works very well) The good changes include of course the brilliant lighting affects which you simply have to see as there so amazing! Also Lobotomy have taken out Quake's secret levels (but they weren't that good in the first place) and replaced them with 4 new Saturn hidden levels which are much better.

All in all a must have for Saturn owners and if your really Quake mad and own the original, I do recommend you should at least rent this out or buy it for the lighting affects and superb hidden levels. The combination of the most challenging 3D shooter, it's dark scary atmosphere thanks to some great monsters and level design and it's puzzles make this an experience of a lifetime.











Review By: Matthew Langan

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