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3D Racing

The 2nd part of the big sonic project after Sonic Jam is called Sonic R. Although most people expected a full 3d sonic game to match Mario 64 on the N64, but you will not be disappointed when you see that this game matches Diddy Kong Racing on the N64.

Graphics: 9.0
When you first play Sonic R you will notice that this game has absolutely no clipping what so ever. Instead a misting effect has been put in which works really good. When you play the 5th "hidden" level, then you will see the power this game has, although this game doesn't make use of the misting effect, and it indeed does have some clipping, but, the entire track is make of translucent "road". Which means that you can see trough the entire track. These effects are almost impossible to create on the playstation without a great lost in framerate while on the saturn the whole game runs at 30 frames per second.

Sound: 8.5
The effects and music is amazing and creates a whole theme to the game. Although some might not like the cheesy singing in the songs, but I like it.

Playabilty: 9.5
From the second you pick up this game you will not be able to put it down. It runs like heaven and everything in these theme is put to shame. Although sonic is not the most playable charter, you will be able to pick up the game easy by playing with Amy.

Lastability: 9.5
Hidden charters, tracks, and ??? I think there will be more secrets than that, then there is the brilliant 2 player mode, loads of time attack modes, like tag where you have to tag 4 computer players and the game balloon where you have to get 5 balloons at the fastest time possible. Simply put...amazing!!

Overal score: 9.5
This game is a must have!! Even if you don't like sonic!

Review By: Arjan van Rossen