Soul Hackers







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Japan / NTSC





This is not a walk through but will put one up when I have the time ,Since This game is Japanese RPG it is not linear so you make your judgement I got mines.

1-10 rating scale

Well the game has mixture of 2-D and 3-D Graphics sort of a mix of Persona, Devil summinor, FF7. The 2-D part of occurs when you moving in the city Shops, gambling etc. the 3-D part is when RPG mode begins. The graphics are clean and neat, and looks way better then persona. Uses true motion.

MUSIC: 9.0
The music is very good .This game was made to appeal to a teenagers in Japan so it it has alot techno and hip hop mixes. Soul hackers has a soundtrack if the CD is available pick it up.

Gameplay: 9.5
Soul hackers has alot gameplay to it why is hasn't been released the good USA beats me . but in soul hackers there are two worlds in game the 2-d map and the 3-d dungeon. Most of the gameplay is in fighting and in computer VR world. The fighting is average RPG style sort of like phantasy star (times x200) because there is so much more depth like in persona you can summon monsters and use guns etc. The catch is you have a gun called gump. Its a computer gun that develops the monster for you to summon. You can also do devil fusion in which you combine different monsters to to make them more powerful. Also you can do sword and devil fusion in which your weapons now have powers of the monsters you have summonend. When you summon a monster they join your party and help with your fight. This has so much depth I haven't touched the surface yet.

Story: 9.5
Soul hackers is about hackers. It is set in the future where everybody is controlled in a computer network. A Group teenage hackers break into a company called Algon where they discover that algon has developed a chip that can communicate with the otherside and summon monsters. The company is doing this inside VR world that you connect in the internet. Since everyone connects to the VR world that's where the hackers try hack there way in the system but get caught.

Conclusion: 9.5
This is my view, it is of course partially due to the anime feel of the game - it plays well. I love the characters and really hope to see a great ending - someone who doesn't care for anime-based gaming may find it an "alright" title, but as I enjoy anime and the fun of a Japanese game - it really is a good title. Some may also desire more than 7 stages? Don't know, but it is keeping me busy - OH YEAH, you can't save - so either you beat it, or you start over. You have all the continues you want, but the last boss I went against - well, I couldn't beat it - so I have to start over.

Review By: Gino Costantini