Steep Slope Sliders







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Europe / PAL


Analogue Controller


3D Snowboarding

Steep Sloper Sliders has been out in the UK for a couple of months, now, and is the first snowboarding game to appear on UK Saturns. Is it good, then? Ohh, yes!

All the characters are well animated, complete with all the snazzy gear. The tracks are also well designed, although there are some areas which look very blocky. The wake of snow coming from underneath the board looks fantastic. But the best thing about the graphics is that developers Vector have used a Travellers' Tales style fade-in, meaning that there are no clipping problems whatsoever. There is also very minimal slowdown.

There is very little to say about sound effects, other than it does sound realistic when racing, or if you slip etc. The music is brilliant, ranging from thumpin' house to jumpin' drum n bass. Awesome stuff. Although there are a couple of vocal songs which have no reason to be there. They are also bloody annoying! Stick with the good music!

This is where the game shines. SSS has truly amazing gameplay, and is extremely hard to put down. Because of its simple control method (A = jump, B = grab, C = flip L/R = rotate or move) pulling off stunts is so easy, but feels so good to do. There are a range of objects you can use to get really big air, ranging from boulders and cars to cliffs and half-pipes. All you need to do is find any of these objects, launch yourself into the air and pull off wicked stunts by using a combination of the B button, the C button, and the shoulder buttons. Naturally, the better the trick the more points you get. Also worth noting is the fair degree of freedom the courses have, each with their own array of rocks etc. but I'll come to that later. The steering is superb to, and for this you use the left and right on the D-pad. Instead of turning the board, the boarder shifts his weight in order to steer past trees and such. Of course, you will hit objects many times when you first start playing, fortunately you do not slow down as much as in, say, Cool Boarders. Likewise, when you fall the boarder gets up quickly, so your time isn't really affected.

You start with 4 characters, who each have their own favourite tricks. Whereas one may perform a nose grab, another will opt for a stiffy (yes that's the proper word). After a few goes at it,you should be able to complete courses in record time, or get the best trick points. If you do, then you get access to 4 more boarders, although one of them has no tricks but s blindingly fast. Once these are obtained, pressing the shoulder buttons on them gives you more. It goes without saying that many of the secret characters are by all means gimmicky! You also get 4 more courses. Ah yes, the courses. There are 4 "extreme" ones which test your skill and ability in different locations: Russia, USA, Japan, Italy. Also there is an alpine course, a snowboard park and a half pipe. As I mentioned earlier, each track is different from the other. Russia is the easiest, and therefore the best track for beginners. There are literally no barriers, and the course is extremely wide. Italy, on the other hand, is a ticket to heaven! It contains densely packed trees, houses, massive boulders and a tunnel for good measure. The alpine course is great, and is ideal for the secret alpen racer. The snowboard park is one of the best courses, and is the best pace for tricks. It features many ramps, a couple of half-pipes and even a mini ski-jump ramp.











So 7 + 4 tracks, 11 boarders and even a time progress option. This game has it all right? Well, no. Unfortunately the game lacks a two player mode, and a tournament mode, which means you are in for a pretty lonesome time. But, fret not. For this game is rampantly playable, and for that we forgive the simplistic nature of the game. One of the best snowboarding sims EVER!

Review By: Chopper803

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