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Virtua Gun


3D Shoot'em up

Okay so the game may be a bit old but with all the hype surrounding Sega's latest conversion House Of The Dead some of you who have just bought Saturns on the cheap might be forgetting about Sega's last one which is still brilliant today and now you can buy the game for a dead cheap price!

The graphics in this game are absolutely brilliant even by today's standards and along with Time Crisis it's still the best looking shoot em up to date. Virtua Cop 2 makes the Saturn look like it's the Model 2 board. Everything that was in the arcade is here.

All three stages are here from the Arcade including the choice of route in the middle of each stage giving much more variety, reply value and generally making the game a whole lot bigger. But wait, in Rail Line Shootout there was no extra route. There is now in the Saturn version as coders AM 2 have been kind enough to give us a Saturn exclusive half level. And it's no "little add on at the last minute" type thing either with this part being one of the best in the game. Each stage as you may or may not know is set in different areas. From banks to ships to trains to contruction sites your not getting the same thing over and over again here.

New to the game is Janet Marshall who joins the team of Virtua Cops along with Rage and Smarty. Janet has also made an appearance in Fighters Megamix but you should know that right since it's one of the main reasons to have a Saturn!

Two Player Mode
Just like in the arcades it's great and should be played over one player mode. Without this Virtua Cop would be just ok as the fun in this game lies within it's two player mode. There's nothing like getting two guns along with a couple of your mates round to see who can blow away the most robbers!

Exactly like the arcade version making it a great game to play. The sound effects really are cool with realistic sounds from guns such as the automatic, rifle, machine gun, shotgun and magnum. All the great arcade tunes and shouting are in here making it like an American cop show!


90% - Even by today's standards there great.


89% - Just like the Arcade!


88% - Challenging but not too frustrating.


84% - Easy enough to complete but the two player mode will bring you back again and again.


88% - A brilliant replica of the arcade game and another reason to own a Saturn.

Review By: Matthew Langan

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