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Virtua Gun


3D Shoot'em up

This is the sequel to the arcade hit Virtua Cop, which was a great success. Who would have thought that shooting computerised gangsters would be so much fun? But it is, and that's how it turned out to be. And the Saturn conversion of this arcade classic is not bad either.

The graphics here are pretty good. AM2 have put in some extra elbow grease to make it look really good. Using some great texture mapped polygons and some well animated 3D enemies, they have managed to pull off a stunner here.

There are initially three stages to choose from - Big Chase, Save the Mayor and Railline Shootout. These all take quite a lot to complete, even the easiest and first level, Big Chase. They are all incredibly big, about 3 times the size of its predecessor, and include a reasonably tough boss to get to grips with. There are all the extra features in each level like shooting car tyres flat (great fun) and finding new weapons, all of which are just brilliant (but we're missing some well needed missile launcher action here!). This game will take a long time to complete but is very addictive, and will keep you on the edge of your seat for a long time.

The 2-Player mode is just the best. Instead of smacking the other in the face, or shooting balls into your friends goal, this time around you work together, shooting all the enemies. But this time there are more enemies and you only have the same amount of lives as in the 1-player mode between you. This is great fun, and while one player shoots the targeted enemies, the other can pick off a few others. This would be just brilliant with two light guns, but not many people have two so you often end up with one pad-controlled player. Nevertheless, it is still fun either way and you will spend ages on this.

I personally love the sound in VC2. None of it is crap at all, the boss music is very cool, as is the level music. The sound effects are some of the best I've heard and each gun makes a different noise. All this just adds to the authenticity and the joy of shooting people. Luvverly.

There are plenty of options guaranteed to keep you playing. There are the numerous difficulty settings, and a lot of settings to define your gun accuracy. There is of course a calibrate gun section, where you can alter where the bullets shoot when you pull the trigger, but it also serves as an excellent target practice. There is even a handy gun select on/off option, which lets you decide which gun you use. If you put in the cheat, you have access to some new options such as big head mode. You will love this game.











Virtua Cop 2 is a great game. Plenty of shooting action guarantees that you will be glued to this game for a very long time. Once you've completed it, there's always the high score to beat, which adds more longevity to it. Put simply, one of the best games on the Saturn or indeed any console, and you HAVE to buy it. Done.

Review By: Joel Stanier

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