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Even though the Saturn was not a big seller, it has its games that even make Playstation owners to cry for. WSB is a tradition of Sega that has been held best baseball game since the very first one for the Genesis.(Megadrive) This game gave Saturn a look on its fist release, but how is it after two improvements later?...

Graphics: If you played the last two WSB games, then the first thing you will notice is that the characters are in 3d. This new feature is done very good by using great motion capturing. The people look kind of funny, but once you see them move, you will forget all that. Baseball games for the PSX have always suffered frame rate problems. That jerky motion will not be noticed in WSB98. The framerate is very smooth and constant. The resolution is low, but hardly noticeable with the smooth movement. There are some graphic glitches though. When the ball gets close to the fence, it disappears until the screen moves away from it. Also, if you hit the ball straight back for foul, you here a sound like the ball hit a tree and you see no net that stops the ball. Other than that, this game has great graphics and improvements.

Sound: The sound is as average as it gets. You get the average announcer that repeats everything and annoys you after a game or two. How many times can you listen to,"The baaalllll goes straight in the air!!"? It gets to you. The crowd reacts okay, but not like no baseball crowd. The best sound is the cracks of the bat. You can tell how hard the ball is hit by the sound. Overall the sound is average.

Gameplay: Gameplay is best of any baseball game. You can play a full game in 30 to 40 minutes without cutting back any options. The controls are very simple and easy to get use to. The guess the pitch feature is terrific. If you guess it, your target attaches to the ball automatically. It is then easy to hit. The pitcher & batter system is the best of any game.

Options: The options are not there. Worst feature of this game! You will see the options selection bar and notice the only options available are mono or stereo. No draft, trades, create players,...nothing. This game is made for the fun of playing...and it's very fun to play.









I was probably more harsh on this game than many of other reviewers. Don't get me wrong, but this is the most fun baseball game to play. If you enjoy options more than gameplay, you may not want to buy it. It's sad that many people won't enjoy this game, but more enjoy MLB99.

Review By: Chris Vantu

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