World Wide Soccer 2000.1


Silicon Dreams


Sega europe



Release Date: 

December '99 (Europe)





It was a big shame that there weren't any soccer games available at the European Dreamcast Launch. Infogrames' Uefa Striker was delayed until late November" and Sega's own World Wide Soccer game was still in development.

The in Europe based development team "Silicon Dreams" will develop the 4th game of the World Wide Soccer series, exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast. Silicon Dreams is well known with their World League Soccer lineup.

The game is easy to learn for the beginning player and for the advanced player WWS 2K will have a large number of motion captured moves, such as advanced passing; one-twos, chip returns, first time passing, through balls, volleys, overhead kicks and diving headers.

You will be able to choose the over 200 teams. There are several International Leagues including: the Premier League (England), Holland, France, Spain etc.

The game has nice high-res graphics and the stadions of the game do have lots of detail, but I think that AM2's Virtua Striker 2000.1 does still look better. Virtua Striker 2K uses more polygons for each player. I'm not sure if Silicon Dreams uses an enhanced World League Soccer PC engine or a brand-new one. From the screenshots it looks like that the engine uses modifier volumes shadows.

Sega will release the game just before Christmas in Europe. No information yet if the game will come to the U.S or Japan.

Preview by: Ryoni Schouten