Crazy Taxi


The gameplay is what makes Crazy Taxi a success. It is pure fun that you can't get enough of. The controls are simple and at first seem too easy. However in order to succeed and progress into the heart of the game you will have to master the many tricks and combos. Power slides, power starts, and power turns are just some of the moves you will spend time mastering.

You have the choice of choosing from 4 distinct drivers, each with their own unique personality and style of car. Some drive faster than others while some perform tricks and combos better. As mentioned earlier you can take your cab virtually anywhere in the game. I found it amusing to drive through the subway tunnels and driving underwater dodging killer whales.

A comment about the directional arrow which shows you what way to go in order to get to your destination. In the Original mode which sports the new Dreamcast track, the arrow tends to be misleading. I found myself following the arrow many times only to end up in a dead end. I am not sure if this was a mistake or done on purpose in order to make you learn and remember the layout of the massive city.

In the end, I found the control mechanism had been improved over the arcade version. The control of the car has been tightened and it really makes a difference as the game becomes more skillful rather than a bumper car experience.


I have played Crazy Taxi for over 30 hours and have only began to scratch the surface of what this game has to offer in terms of skill and replay value. The ultimate prize is to obtain a "Crazy license" which can only be won by getting $20,000 or more in one single game! Insane considering I am only getting around $3,000 after 30 hours. The game has arcade mode, original mode, and crazy box mode. Arcade and original mode have additional options where you can choose "arcade rules", or "3,5, or a 10 minute free ride". The latter is great for those learning the moves and getting familiar with the layouts of the courses. Once again, the original mode is a Dreamcast exclusive track which is quite large. The crazy box mode is where you will showcase your driving skills with the special moves. The game starts off with 9 different challenges. More are unlocked as you clear the initial 9. These are quite fun although some trivial at times. A good example of skills is the challenge where you must knock down 70 bowling pins in a restricted set of time. In order to do it you will have to master the power slide move where you shift the gear from drive into reverse and then back into drive again.

Crazy Taxi is a game that you will always want to come back to. It is also one of those party games that will impress anyone who lays their hands and eyes on the game. Even the nay-sayers will be impressed.

The only thing missing is a multi-player mode. That would have been absolutely outrageous.

Final Word

Click here for Information about our Ratings System Crazy Taxi is yet another strong reason to own a Dreamcast. Not only did Sega bring home the Naomi masterpiece, they enhanced it and added a bunch of console only features that round out a masterpiece. This game is sure to sell more systems, even to those who have been holding out. You will not find a more fun, adrenaline pumping game on any system than Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast. Time to get "Kerazy"!

Review By: Mike Weatherup

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