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Beat'em up

Power Stone is truly a great new fighting game. When i bought the game and popped it in I was amazed at how much load time their was...next to none. Even less than X-Men Vs. Street Fighter for the Saturn with the 4 meg Ram cart! The High-Rez opening was great although it might have been better if it were Full Motion Video but it was still awesome.

When I started to play the game the menu's were both in English and Japanese but they were easy to figure out. We quickly went through everything and put on Vs. mode. Me and my brother played for 7 hours in the Vs. mode trying to figure things out. We were climbing poles and jumping off them and putting our legs around each other necks and flipping them over much like Cammy's move in Street Fighter.We were climbing up things and jumping on top of the roof in some levels. We were picking up weapons and blasting each other.

Wait till ya beat the game a few times and get the Gatling Gun...that weapon is sweet. The game has so much to it and is great. Once you get all 3 power stones you transform into different things like mech-sand samurai's etc... and you can do power fusion attacks which look beautiful.The control on the game is next to perfect.

Sometimes its hard to pick up the gems because your not close enough to it although it looks like you are, but that's probably because the game moves so damn fast! Their aren't that many buttons but it takes a bit to get used to all the different moves and picking up things and things like that but other than that the control is great!

The sound effects and music are so capcom a like but of course that means its good! Although I don't pay much attention to the music... the game is very fast paced...gotta be on your toes..its very good from what I listed to. The graphics are great! High-Rez and 60fps how can u go wrong? The characters look like they are 2d hand drawn but they are actually 3d. Good job Capcom for making the game look as visual impressive as it is!

The over all game is great and the more you play it the more you will want to get more done. everytime you beat the game u get more options like new weapons, food in chests to get your energy back,shields, and VMS games. You can also get the boss guys by beating without continuing. The last guy is very cool but also very easy.

Final Word

Click here for Information about our Ratings System The game is much like Square's Ergheiz but about 50 times better!And you have to use your environments a lot more to win than in Ergheiz.If you are thinking about buying this game I just have 1 thing today...

Review By: Kevin Whitman

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