Shadow Man


The control system is tight and responsive. Players shouldn't have too much difficulty navigating Shadow Man through the game's many platforms, tunnels, pools and ledges. In Shadow Man form, LeRoi is immortal and capable of many things. His alter-ego human on the other hand is vulnerable to strong enemies. Both however sport the ability to handle two guns at once. Very nice when you get further into the game and require some heavy firepower.

Along the course of the game, you must collect various items including some very strange things like nail clippings. An arsenal of weapons such as the skull shooting Asson become available as you progress through the game. The games supporting characters are unique and offer advice throughout the journey. One example is the hilarious Irish skull-headed snake Jaunty, who offers some hints and good comic relief at such a time of darkness.


Shadow Man offers an ancient apocalyptic prophecy that must be fulfilled throughout the unfurling of more than 20 levels set across two worlds. Multiple secrets are revealed as the player and Shadow Man journey into the heart of darkness and the prophecy's terrifying and memorable conclusion.

The game also offers up some mind-bending mental puzzles. Players must search serial-killer profiles for elusive clues to solve levels, read ancient prophecy texts to discover their true purpose and the meaning of the mysterious voodoo items they carry, and scrutinize the plans to the Asylum as penned by Jack the Ripper himself.

Final Word

Click here for Information about our Ratings System Those who have tried Shadow Man on one of the other three systems will not find anything new here. However, for those looking at Shadow Man for the first time will want to pick this one up. The dark overtones and mature gameplay keep the title interesting and worth taking through all the way to the end. Shadow Man overall has a little more to keep you interested than the only other Action Adventure title out at the moment, Blue Stinger. It will also hold you over until the likes of Soul Reaver and Code Veronica hit the shelves in a couple of months.

Review By: Mike Weatherup

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