Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing


This is where the game falters and is a mixed bag. The control of the bikes are very unusual and take a little getting used to. The first couple of times I played I was ready to quit out of frustration over the control. With a little patience I was able to control the bikes and actually get into the game. This is when I found it unchallenging. You could have a number of major accidents and still win the race in first place. Once you memorize the tracks, they are a piece of cake. The game does not represent real bike physics and thus lacks in a sense of reality. There is also inconsistency in how accidents occur. For example, on once track I was able to go up and ride on the sides of a hill without falling over. While on other tracks if I clipped a small corner my rider would go flying into the air. This will make you both curse on more than one occasion and laugh at some of the most gruesome crashes ever seen in a game.


Starting off with only one bike and a couple of tracks, you must unlock more bikes and tracks as you progress. There are a total of 6 bikes and 12 tracks with their mirrors available after the game has been completed. Within each event you must take part in between 3 and 6 races. Points are awarded depending on which place you finish each race. The points are then accumulated with the first place holder being able to continue into the next class of races. While this sounds great, the problem is you start running through the same tracks over and over again. This not only becomes repetitive but it also becomes easy and eventually boring. Experienced gamers will finish this game over a weekend rental.

Final Word

Click here for Information about our Ratings System The impressive visuals and overall speed of the game are tainted by the simplistic gameplay. If the gameplay could have been worked out with a few more tracks, Alstare racing could have earned one or even two more stars. If you are a diehard motorcycle fan, the Alstare license and arcade style gameplay will satisfy your needs. Others should rent and take it for a spin before making a purchase.

Review By: Mike Weatherup

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