UEFA Sriker


Rage Software





TV System: 

PAL / 50HZ Full Screen


VMU, Jump Pack




Developed by Rage Software, UEFA Striker is the first 3rd party published soccer game for the Sega Dreamcast. The game is going to compete with Sega's own World Wide Soccer 2K, which is quite disappointing. Infogrames/Rage have licensed the UEFA Rights for the game, this means that they're allowed to use real player names etc. Its weird that the game has the names if the Cities instead of the real names of the clubs, but UEFA Striker has a great edit mode so that you can modify the fake names into the real club names.

The game starts with a FMV intro showcasing a few game scenes of the European Cup throughout the millennium. The game has the 46 best European Clubs Teams including: Ajax (Amsterdam), Manchester, Arsenal etc. The European International Teams are also available. UEFA Striker has plenty of league competitions to enter including: super trophy, Knockout, Classic Match, National Team Quells and a Territories Cup. One of the best features of the game is the training mode, which has a Certification mode with 6 games, each containing 10 stages. In order to get the 3 certificates, you must have 3, 5 and 8 out of the 10 in each training mode. After you have received the 3 certificates, you will be able to open various game modes. The training mode is simple a must for starters.

The game features 5 different stadiums including: Kiev Stadium, Stade de Lyon, Bernebeu Madrid and Birmingham. Shame through that they didn't included Wembley of London or The Amsterdam Arena.


UEFA Striker is at this moment the best looking soccer game on the Western market running at an plain 640 x 480 resolution and a stable refresh rate of 30 fps. The player models are very detailed and most of them look like their real-life counterparts. The hair-styles are also correctly designed for each player for example the baldy Zidane and reggae hair-style of Edgar Davids. Also a funny detail is that the outfits of the by Sega sponsored soccer team "Arsenal" has Dreamcast printed on it. The same counts for the by Adidas sponsored teams (Adidas is the sponsor of UEFA Striker).

The animation of the UEFA Striker is very realistic, thanks to the hundreds of motion captured moves.

The stadiums are all very well done. The only negative aspect of the stadiums I can think of is that you will notice that there aren't any characters; however, this does little in affecting how you’ll feel about the look of this game. Although the supporters are pixel-based they do really cheer during the game, you can't say that of the boring supporters in Silicon Dream's World Wide Soccer 2K. Once in the excellent replay mode, you will notice how good the game looks. For each player the face is different.

The environment in UEFA Striker is astonishing. Playing in any weather condition you’d see during soccer games such as fog, rain, mud and snow, although it isn't as detailed as Visual Concepts NFL 2K where you can determine the amount of precipitation, which affects the gameplay.

UEFA Striker really takes advantage of the VGA Box. When playing on a monitor you will truly notify the beauty of the high-res textured field and the in-game action. Everything looks much sharper and cleaner.

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