UEFA Striker


In the title screen, and while selecting options, the music is average. The in-game sound is good, I love the crystal clear sound effect when the ball hits the cross bar of the goal. Its a shame that the yelling supporters don't sing.

As for the commentary its pretty good actually. When you select a language the play by play commentary will be also in that language. You can select from the following commentary languages: German, Dutch, English, France, Spanish and Italian. The English play by play commentary is done by Jonathan Pearce, Ron Atkinson and the famous Dutch ex-soccer player Ruud Gullit.

There is a great deal of real-time voice acting that enables commentary to roll along AND actually make sense. The voices are plain and crystal clear compared to anything weve heard in past soccer games, its simply the best.


Of course, this graphics nonsense wouldn't mean a thing if the gameplay was appalling. Thankfully, it isn't. Infact, this game is one of the most addictive, realistic and therefore playable footie sim I have ever played. All the moves have been captured superbly, from the basic pass to the long distance kick.

Although when I played this game for the first time, I was quite disappointed. The control of the game is a bit difficult for beginners, but after you have figured them out you will love it. Here's a summary of actions: pass button for fast passes, shoot button for direct shots on goal, sprint button, a high pass ball button and a tactical pseudo through ball. Although there aren't any special moves, you can really make wonderful goals.

The AI (artificial Intelligence) of the game is the best I've seen yet in a soccer game. The goalkeepers of the game are very hard to beat, because they're blessed with cat-like reflexes and are able to palm the ball away from the most insane positions. But I found out a way to make scoring goals more easy. When your running near them in a one-on-one situation they will follow you and then you must pass the ball over to another player and you can kick the ball in the open goal.


There's an extended training mode where you need to qualify for 3 certificates to open tons of new game modes. As said before the computer's Artificial Intelligence is very good, so one player mode will last you for a while.

Like many other sport games when playing this game with a friend the game's longevity does definitely increase even further.

Final Word

Click here for Information about our Ratings System Rage's UEFA Striker simple overshadows Sega's own World Wide Soccer 2K. Based on my experience of the game and having played World Wide Soccer 2K, I believe UEFA Striker is worthy of being crowned the best Dreamcast football game to date. This game is Definitely worth your money.

Review By: Ryoni Schouten

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