Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle


This is where VF3tb excels. Gameplay is fast and furious. All 12 characters from the arcade plus an additional 2 new characters are in the Dreamcast version. Dural is now playable throughout the game whereas he was only available in the practice mode for the Japanese version. Each character possesses a myriad of moves. The learning curve for many of the more difficult moves can be reduced if players utilize the Dreamcast Joystick. The computer AI is easily adjusted allowing from novice players to experts to enjoy what the game has to offer. The North American version includes arcade mode, team battle mode, practice mode, history mode and the added and much requested versus mode. The history mode is a nice edition as it takes you through a short history of the Virtua Fighter series.


Make no mistakes, VF3tb is not a button mashing game but rather a game that requires utmost skill and patience in order to master each character. This in itself gives the game a long lasting appeal to the true fighting game gurus. Some players who are used to the Tekkens and Soul Caliburs of the world may become bored, but try to understand VF3tb is not about weapons but rather about real-life hand to hand combat.

Final Word

Click here for Information about our Ratings System The delay of this title has not done it much good especially considering that only a couple of things were changed and the overall graphics engine was untouched. VF3tb is magnificent, but I could have said that about the arcade version a long time ago. However the important thing to think about here is take the game as what it is, and that is a direct arcade to home port. For what that is, VF3tb is second to none in its scope of hyper-realistic moves and gameplay design. Only serious fighting game enthusiasts need apply and so they should.

Review By: Mike Weatherup

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