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VMU, Jump Pack




With zombies being so in vogue this year, pretty much every console on the market is being terrorized by the evil dead, Dreamcast is no exception. Zombie Revenge, a side story to the House of the Dead, enjoyed limited success in the arcades but its conversion to Dreamcast was a no brainer and it would appear nothing was lost in the move to Sega's home system. The question is with Resident Evil: Code veronica barely a month away, is Zombie Revenge worth your hard earned bones, or is it a one night stand with the living dead.


Dreamcast has been home to some excellent arcade translations and fortunately Revenge is no exception. The game is fully rendered in polygons and runs at a silky smooth frame rate with little to no slowdown. The environments are darkly detailed (if not a tad on the blocky side) and really convey that "City on the verge of apocalypse." sensation. The Heroes are a motley crew that looked like they were lifted from some 70's biker movie, I personally would have preferred to see the return of the dapper, 3 piece suite wearing gentlemen from House of the Dead. There is some fine motion capture but the characters still manage to feel a little stiff.


Sometime in the not to distant future every developer will take the time and effort to hire real voice actors with real talent until then we'll have to deal with the kind of crap found in Zombie Revenge. This is some of the worst voice acting you'll ever hear. On the upside the music is suitably moody and haunting and the sound effects come through crystal clear.

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