Zombie Revenge


Shoot, Punch, Kick and then shoot some more, that about sums it up for game play. Don't expect to see any puzzle solving or an in depth plot, this is pure action. There is a solid two player cooperative option that keeps the pace moving and is a little more involving then the single player experience and you can alter the game play to emphasize either fighting or shooting. Sega included a fighting game into the home version, but with the limited range of moves available to the three main characters you won't be playing this mode to often. I should also mention that there is some limited VMU support that really has no advantage to the game itself.


All in all this is a one time deal that you will probably complete in one sitting. The harder difficulty settings require a little more effort but only extend the game play marginally.

Final Word

Click here for Information about our Ratings System I liked Zombie Revenge, its hard not to, the game has a certain nostalgic feel that reminds of days gone by when games were simple and engaging, but that nostalgia is about as short lived as the game play. In the end there is more rigamortis than liveliness to this game.

Review By: Mark Sciberras

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