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  The SEGA Zone is back!
Wait... what!? The SEGA Zone is back? Yes, only 20 years after its founding! ;)


  The Future of the Dreamcast 2001 and Beyond
Well, well my pretties, it is time for us to take a look into the distant future......


  First Impressions: D2 & Power Stone 2
Both "2"s Are Spinning In My Dreamcast. Check Out Some Initial Impressions


 Super Runabout
We have been causing havoc and mayhem on the streets of San Francisco. Come on in for a complete hands on preview of Super Runabout. .

  BIG NEWS: $99 Dreamcasts?
A New Report From Electronics Boutique Points To a Huge Price Drop-- Soon!

  D2 Ships
More Survival Horro On The DC


  Dreamcast Top 5: Q4 Games
My E-mail Box Is Flooded With This Question-- What Are The Best Games Coming Out Until The End Of The Year?

  Dreamcast: System Loser, Software Winner?
A Look At Sega's Business Model


Alas, all is not fair in the land of Sega....

  Time Machine: Dreamcast At Christmas
Further PS2 Shortages Have Been Announced.
Is The Door Open For A Dreamcast Fueled Upset?


 Magforce Racing
Here's a product review of Crave's future racer Magforce.

  Playstation 2 Shortages
Didn't We Already Know That?
Yeah, But We Didn't Know It Would Be THIS Bad.

  Codemasters drops Dreamcast =(
Colin McRae Rally 2is now cancelled, along with all future support for the Sega platform from Codemasters.


  Dreamcast Price Drop?
Despite Sega's Denials A Price Drop Seems Imminent

  Samba De Amigo Release Date & Price
Sega's Maraca Shaking Monkey Is Coming To The U.S.


 World Series Baseball 2k.1 Review
Here's a product review of Sega's latest sport game "World Series Baseball 2k.1"..

  All The News That's Fit: Ecco Ships & More
Today's DC News In A Nice, Easy To Read Package

  More DC Titles Dropped & Bleemcast Date
Say it isn't so! More titles dropping as developer interest turns to PS2 and XBOX.

  Star Wars Demolition Headed To Dreamcast
Lucas Arts makes it official. Click through for the details.

  Ripcord Renames First Person Shooter
Only a name change, but this neat sounding title is headed to Dreamcast next year.

  Fanaticism Vs. Professionalism
After a long dry spell, Mark returns to bring us all down and back to reality.

  Dreamcast Top 3: Action Games
The Best Of The Best... Continues

  Dreamcast Success: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?
If I Say Something Will Happen Enough-- Will It Happen?


  Sega to skip TGS FAll 2000
What's going on? Sega will not appear at TGS.

  MTV Wants Ulala
Hmmm.....Sega could use some exposure.

  World Series Baseball #1 US
Sega's own World Series Baseball sport gam

  Affiliate News: Game Station
Game Station has been updated with the following items:
  • The Nomad Soul & Fur Fighter reviews added
  • Online DC gaming in Holland this week?
  • Several DC games cancelled
  • No Sega at TGS


  European Virtua Tennis Release Date
Sega Europe, announced today the upcoming release of the popular sport game 'Virtua Tennis.

  Dreamcast titles getting cut?
It appears this is the case. Click through for all of the details.


  Seaman Headed To A Store Near You
This odd yet intriguing game is just about upon us.

  Sega wants you for beta testing
You could get the chance to play some the upcoming online games early!

  Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX Headed To Dreamcast
Apprently Activision will use an enhanced Tony Hawk engine to bring the goodness of BMX home.

  Japanese DOA2 To Feature New Moves
Tecmo adds more than just costumes to it's Japanese version of Dead or Alive 2.

  Reader Reaction: Top 3 Fighters
The Readers Agree... To Disagree

  Dreamcast Top 3: Puzzle Games
The Best Of The Best...


  Dreamcast Top 3: Platformers
As the Dreamcast approaches its first birthday over 100 titles have now been released in the U.S. Which ones are the best?


 Virtua Tennis Review
Here's a product review of Sega's amazing tennis game.

 Stupid Invaders
One of the more interesting titles to come out of E3 2000 is a little gem from Ubi Soft and XLIAM called Stupid Invaders. Stupid Invaders is described as a zany, 3D adventure game inspired by the animated series Space Goofs.

  Dreamcast Top 3: Fighting Games
As the Dreamcast approaches its first birthday over 100 titles have now been released in the U.S. Which ones are the best?

  European Release Dates
Here are the latest European release dates for Sega's own Dreamcast titles.


  Star Wars RPG Headed To Dreamcast?
It may come true in 2002. Click through for more details.

  Tony Hawk 2 Soundtrack Revealed
Activision has spared no expense to bring a banging soundtrack to the highly anticipated Tony Hawk 2.

  Sega & Amazon
Sega and have united in the fight against piracy.

  Sega To Drop Price Of Dreamcast And Games
Games For $19.99? Dreamcasts For $150? Can It Be True

Complete Super Runabout Hands on Preview

Super Runabout

Virtua Tennis

Stupid Invaders

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